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Day 19: A habit you wish you didn’t have.

A  habit I wish  I never had…. this is hard for me….not that I’m fearful of exposing my habit, but I really don’t have one.  As I’ve mentioned before that I’m moody, or as some people would term it, I’m sometimeish…one moment I’m all into something and the next minute I’m so not interested, this can be applied to all aspects of my life…..I’m rarely consistent with anything….except for 3 things sleep, eating and shopping…

Since sleeping and eating are first nature….I guess my habit is shopping…..yes I like shop….if you don’t know that, you don’t know Marsha…but then again which girl doesn’t like to shop…..I’m sure its as natural to us girls as men cheating……

I have been spoiled being an only child….and I guess is my mother bruck me bad….as child every time  had an event to attend, I wanted a new outfit, and to this very day…..I haven’t grown it out. You can’t get me out the house unless I have something new to wear….yes I’m a mess…if I do repeat an outfit, I would have ensure that only other person that saw me in that outfit was my mirror….I do repeat clothes, but not within the same crowd. Example I wore an outfit to last year Osmosis and it has been featured in the paper and in the Osmosis magazine…and I repeated it once… to Romz graduation dinner…you can not consider it dead…

So yes that’s my bad habit, acquiring a new item of clothing for every event I attend…sometimes not my entire outfit is new….but something is new….

Kinda wish I didn’t have it…not because I don’t like shopping… and I don’t like wearing new stuff….but I’m sure that what the stores calculate as profit, could actually be savings on may part….

I have somewhat cut down on my partying….and thus on my party shopping….I still visit the clothing stores ever so often, especially Fashion 911…they get new stock every 2 weeks and you’re guaranteed to find a treat everytime you visit….I have to thank DawnieJAE for this fashion introduction…

I have now made a concerted effort to start a US savings account with JMMB (thanx Juju) and I will making a monthly deposits to ensure my savings grow and not stores profit margins…


Credit or Trust….

I don’t know where to start with this blog….as I am still very angry from the incident…..even though its nearing 24hrs since it occurred….When you work in large offices, you will always find people stopping by to sell you one thing or the other….my office is no stranger to this….we have to people that that visit our offices on monthly bases…. to collect and to sell….the cycle is repeated most months….However, knowing my love for clothes or “things” in general…all I need to hear is that someone is outside to selling and mi gone to look…I meet this person selling back in May…when I had just started working here…she showed me a couple things and whatever she showed me then, I told her, was not to my taste, style or liking….

After her trip to the US… she returned to my office..or I would say one of….as if you know me…I work from 3 offices… 4 if you wanna include trade visits/road…unable to catch up with me….she came to my house to sell me what she thought was my style…I admit I got few pieces for work and my bill was somewhere around $18g…..which she said was ok to pay in 2 installments…. August and September….In August I paid her $8000.00 leaving a balance of  $10,000.00…..

Fast Forward to pay day of September…which for us is the very working day of the month…. yes I know it sucks….this month it was Thursday the 30th….due to heavy rainfall…some of my co-workers didn’t get paid on time…. especially if they didn’t bank with NCB… yeah for NCB.

Its 12:45 on Friday and I have just gotten my lunch after standing 45 mins in the line…trying to eat and meet my Principal for a 1:30 meeting at her office…my phone rings… “the seller’s”  name pops up on my phone…. Marsha she says..I’m outside…my response Why didn’t you call before, I don’t walk around with 10g on me….anyway I have a meeting a 1:30 and I will arrange to get you your balance next week.

Monday I  sent a bbm to her “collector” and said that will be going to the bank in a few and let “the seller” know that I will give you her money in the morning…she asked me to call her, I said I can’t….but I will send her a text message as I am in the meeting:

TEXT TO SELLER FORM ME: I didn’t get to go to the bank on Friday, So I’m going in a few, I will give “The collector” ur money in the morning (Tuesday)

RESPONSE TO ME FROM SELLER: One would never believe ur such a con!!! I have no reason to believe u r tellin the truth! The bank is still open get my money and give it to me today! u r such a selfish person, y won’t you answer your phone!!!

RESPONSE TO SELLER FROM ME: Don’t be rass rude *insert seller’s name here*!!! My phone did not ring…I answered you on Friday when u called…I don’t answer unknown numbers or numbers not stored in my phone….I said in the morning…and that’s when it is….work with that or I will return the clothes…you obviously believe ur the only one that can be a bitch…your urgencys are not my priority

RESPONSE TO ME FROM SELLER: who do u believe u r tellin expletive? on top of all u’ve put me thru. I have not used one bad word to u. I won’t get there with u tiefin Marsha!!!

As I write the text message for the blog…I feel my heart begin to race once again….I crafted the most insulting text…but failed to to hit the send button…. Tiefin Marsha? Is this lady aware of what a thief is…I have never been so insulted in the history of my life…I received the text about 2:30pm and can I tell you that the rest of my work day was done for….I was so angry…that I could hardly breathe… I walked to my friend Pet (@Salmon_Berry) to vent….which eased the anger to a lesser degree…but I was stilling fuming….I think I shared the story with almost everyone….and I was equally angered each time I told the story…

My friends will tell you that I hold on to anything…usually after a few hours….I”m good to go….I gave Karla (@kc15012011) a ride to work as she got Redz a little fixer- upper…and even this morning while telling her…I was still upset….If that lady bright one more time…she woulda be a rass shooting star… or as  Zaine’s Dad says…she would been brilliant….

I never turn the other cheek…no sir- ree not me…you come hard….I come harder….Marsha will always have the last say…or the last action….I can be spiteful, vindictive and extremely revengeful…I was tempted to class her….using unladylike grammar… that there are many things I could trace her and tell her…dancehall music has made tracing matches easier to win…

I decided that I would not longer exchange phone calls or text messages to her….I packed up all the items she had sold me in a black scandal bag (less the 8g worth)…. and stapled a note to it, the note reads ” Attached to this bag, is the “balance” I have for you. No need to call or text my phone, I don’t associate myself with dirty scondrels.

Its Tuesday afternoon, I am unaware if she has collected the bag….and neither to I care to find out…I don’t know if she believed calling me a thief would have encouraged me to go to the bank any sooner….this is not a “dwn twn” higggler I might add…. she lives in Orange Grove, has a 16 yr old child…and is well spoken…. “upt-looking individual”

People often take my look…  as  someone that is weak and some what of a push over…hold up….that’s exactly where you went wrong…I have learned the art of hurting people without even saying a word to you…..or saying a lot…without expletives….never under estimated me….

I’m sure she will be highly enraged…when she goes to her “collector” and sees a lovely black scandal with her name on it….and yes I have worn all the clothes….one in torn…and it has all been bagged and tagged…..

Well after venting here….I sure do feel much better…..