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Day 19: A habit you wish you didn’t have.

A  habit I wish  I never had…. this is hard for me….not that I’m fearful of exposing my habit, but I really don’t have one.  As I’ve mentioned before that I’m moody, or as some people would term it, I’m sometimeish…one moment I’m all into something and the next minute I’m so not interested, this can be applied to all aspects of my life…..I’m rarely consistent with anything….except for 3 things sleep, eating and shopping…

Since sleeping and eating are first nature….I guess my habit is shopping…..yes I like shop….if you don’t know that, you don’t know Marsha…but then again which girl doesn’t like to shop…..I’m sure its as natural to us girls as men cheating……

I have been spoiled being an only child….and I guess is my mother bruck me bad….as child every time  had an event to attend, I wanted a new outfit, and to this very day…..I haven’t grown it out. You can’t get me out the house unless I have something new to wear….yes I’m a mess…if I do repeat an outfit, I would have ensure that only other person that saw me in that outfit was my mirror….I do repeat clothes, but not within the same crowd. Example I wore an outfit to last year Osmosis and it has been featured in the paper and in the Osmosis magazine…and I repeated it once… to Romz graduation dinner…you can not consider it dead…

So yes that’s my bad habit, acquiring a new item of clothing for every event I attend…sometimes not my entire outfit is new….but something is new….

Kinda wish I didn’t have it…not because I don’t like shopping… and I don’t like wearing new stuff….but I’m sure that what the stores calculate as profit, could actually be savings on may part….

I have somewhat cut down on my partying….and thus on my party shopping….I still visit the clothing stores ever so often, especially Fashion 911…they get new stock every 2 weeks and you’re guaranteed to find a treat everytime you visit….I have to thank DawnieJAE for this fashion introduction…

I have now made a concerted effort to start a US savings account with JMMB (thanx Juju) and I will making a monthly deposits to ensure my savings grow and not stores profit margins…


Day 18: A letter to someone you miss.

My almost 30 years on earth, I think I have hard fair share of deaths….that I have somewhat become numb to it….of all the people I have lost…the one that I miss the most is my brother….the irony is that I don’t miss what we shared….I missed what we never had.

My Brother Andrew was shot and killed at age 32, on March 4th, 2000, I was 18 at the time of his death. Andrew lived with his Mother and Brother in Canada. My first encounter with him was when I was about 6 years old when he came to visit our Dad. There is not much that we could have shared then because of the age difference…but I as a grew older he I would hear from him ever so often..and every time a family member would visit he would be sure to send an age appropriate gift for me.

So why do I miss him….I miss the chance to have an elder brother and little sister relationship, I miss attending his wedding with his then girlfriend Natasha….I miss the opportunity of being an Aunt to his kids….I miss summer trips to Canada with Zaine that he could have gotten the chance to play with his cousins…..

My brother lost his life over something absolutely senseless…..death is so final…and robs the family and friends of  future possibilities….He was an aspiring designer… and I miss the opportunity to wearing his designs or even creating a line with him……at the time of his death he had created several pieces, which I now have the privilege of owning a few from his line….They may not fit me…or I may not wear them….but they are the last memory I have of him…. along with some pressed rose petals…that I took from a rose I threw on his grave…..

Andrew Anthony Robotham… Maybe you live forever in our hearts…..

Day 17: A photo that makes you want to cry.

A photo that evokes sadness….I have so many…I’ve lost so many friends….but the a photo of O’Neil always makes me tear up….still can’t believe he’s gone…. RIP

Day 16: A photo that makes you smile.

Any photo with Zaine makes me smile…just looking at his smile…brings one to my face….there are so many photos that make me smile….it was hard to choose just one….

But I did….

Day 15: What you would do if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant.

Hmmm interesting…..I can’t get someone pregnant…. I’m not a dude…..What would I do if I were to get pregnant…this already happened….. so let me rephrase the challenge to what did I do….

It was about 2 months after my 24th birthday… when I found out I was preggo with Zaine….I wanted a boy from the day I found out…I said to myself That I gave my Mom way too much trouble as a girl…and I named my Tummy Armani…with the hope of it being a boy…

Though I couldn’t eat the first 3 months, I feed on coconut water and mint tea….I embraced my pregnancy and researched the items I needed for my new born, I thought of names….and researched their means….it was reduced to Boy: Zane Benjamin and Girl: Zaria Amanda….

At 5 months I met into a car accident… and I did an ultra sound… was boy he said….so the name Zane Benjamin will be used….. Zane means gift from God, I decided to add the “I” in his name… as I believed the spelling Zayne looked feminine…. so the spelling Zaine….was given to my unborn fetus.

I traveled to the US at 6 months and got all the things that I would need for his arrival…at 7 months I did a photo shoot…something I recommend all expecting Mummies to do…

I also prayed for healthy baby….and a normal child…I was very specific in prayer..10 toes and 10 fingers…I remember even telling God that I could work with 11 toes….but that is the furthest I would expect in abnormalities….I was very happy in my pregnancy…as my mother told me…that the child usually takes on the mood of the mother….I guess that’s why Zaine is so happy now….

A child is blessing…and though I’m 29, and Zaine has been in my life for just 4 years out of the 29, it is hard to fathom my life without him….my life has been changed completely since July 31st, 2006….and I honestly don’t want it any other way…..

So what did I do I embraced it….now I’m embracing motherhood, one milestone at time

Day 14: Something you love about yourself.

Yes I know I’m moody and miserable…..but we all have a positive sides to our beings….of all things I love about Marsha….it’s my personalty….when I’m in a good mood…I fun loving, out going, a social butterfly, kid at heart, witty…..I’m spiritual, and most times I am very optimistic…

I bring a sense of joy to the people I surround… and I love seeing people happy….and on top of all this…I’m kind and caring…..

So its not my face, weight, or height…..its my inner beauty….my personality

Day 13: Your least favorite female group.

This was hard too….but they are the only female group that I can think of…that I can’t remember a song they sang….if I had like them or their song /songs…I guess I would have remembered something other than their group name: Danity Kane