What you know about me? *TI Voice*… Can words really sum me up?

What you see is what you get….hmmm there goes Lazy again…. years ago I wrote this on my HI5 profile…yes I said HI5….a throwback in the social media networking…..to date I think its the most “wordly” description of me… I’m the true definition of a PARADOX… I’m the greatest thing in the world (LOL)…when I ‘m in a good mood..but yes I have BAD side (Don’t we all?)…I can become evil, bitchty and crabit… I am moody… very moody…low tolerance for Bull S*#!… very low.

I hate negativity….and I prefer to surround myself with positive energies. I am thinking of ways to advance myself…always-intellectually, financially and spiritually…

I am confident at the same shy….strong at the same weak. I am a lover of music, the company of friends…true friends and great conversations.

I love a good party… love the beach…love dinning out… love a great action movie..lately I have been watching nothing but Cartoons….thanks to Trouble Junior…. Zainey.

Mad sick head nuh good…the Trouble side of me… but also very level head….choose the appropriate description based on your interaction. I am not vain, just confident…loves fashion..and the latest addition to my CV Pulse Full-Figured magle (Model). I enjoy healthy food and fitness…but I have a weakness for sweets….*the battle with the weight loss continues*

That’s a panoramic view of Marsha Simone……

This “About” was edited to reflect the more mature side ME!!!!

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