My 2011 guide to every year

Yeappers it 2011…. we’ve seen the dawn on a new decade….congratulations are definitely in order….yes I think they are.. 2010 year in review  I attend 5 funerals….and I opted it out of a few more….so we have a reason to be congratulate each other….and be thankful

Last year was a good year for me….I got a new job, which was obviously the highlight of the year….but I won’t retract about last’s over and done with…I will move on, but I won’t forget my lessons learnt…..the will help me to be a better person… my years to come

I’m sure you’re wondering where am I going with this post….well as you noticed…..I haven’t made an entry in a while….I wish I had…but my work load killed me….I was too tired in the evening to do any form of writting….I wil complete my 30 day challenge *hangs head in shame*…the race is not always for the swift…..

About 5 days (the Eve of NYE) a go I was on a tweeting rampage….I thought my tweeps were gonna argue with me about filling up their timeline or hit the unfollow bottom, but they actually welcomed it….I was asked by one to convert there tweets into a blog post….

So this is for @Giovanni_876

  • Try everything at least once…Except for crack/cocaine and anal sex (@cucumberjuice added Herion)
  • Don’t try killing yourself either, you won’t be able to tweet about it
  • So as 2011 approaches I think  wanna try new things…so much left to be done and see
  • Really hope the world doesn’t end by 2012… Don’t think I can get everything done by then..
  • So here’s to Paris, Rome, France, Germany, China, Egypt…..I wanna visit those places before I leave this earth
  • I wanna go to New york and be a tourist… Not a shopaholic
  • I also wanna fall in love…Truly,madly, deeply….Just like how savage Garden sang about it
  • I can’t be perfect in all areas
  • Neither can you
  • so stick to what you excel in…and improve on what you don’t

  • yes life has a funny way of getting back at you
  • That’s why I try to do good…
  • Try to have a clean heart
  • I don’t judge people….you never know what people are going through…or what they have been through
  • I respect peoples opinions, beliefs, religion, way of life
  • we all can’t be the same…
  • The world would be one boring place
  • A hypocrite will always be a hypocrite
  • A bitch will always be a bitch
  • A ho will always be a ho
  • The only people that change are virgins
  • So accept people for who they are and move on with life
  • Because you can’t change them

  • I have no resolutions for 2011
  • Don’ know if that’s good or bad
  • Setting unrealistic goals only make you depressed
  • I’ve learnt that nothing happens before its time, and nothing happen that’s not supposed to
  • I live in the moment
  • I’m spiritual but not a religious person(there is a difference)
  • I appreciate honesty… Even if it hurts me….I never wanna live a lie..or fantasy

  • Motherhood is a great experience…and I think its a experience that every capable woman should have
  • Being a Mom is a rewarding experience
  • So I guess later I will celebrate life (NYE and every occasion I get)
  • And what’s to come
  • And  which unfortunately will include death
  • Once you life, death is inevitable
  • it’s painful
  • But time heals most wounds
  • Sometimes your words inspire souls…you’re unaware off
  • So I leave you with this quote….
  • Very simple words, that I’ve found to be true
  1. Love it! Muah!

  2. I await this completion of the 30 Day Challenge… I cannot wait to see it done! LOL.
    Aaaaaannnd, totally digging the fact that you tweeted so much the other day. LOVED it!
    My fave tweet: “Sometimes your words inspire souls… you’re unaware of” – So true.
    Can we keep getting blog updates please? Doesn’t have to be daily, but a lot more often okay? *grin*

  3. Happy New Year…a great blog post to start 2011.

  1. January 19th, 2011

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