Day 19: A habit you wish you didn’t have.

A  habit I wish  I never had…. this is hard for me….not that I’m fearful of exposing my habit, but I really don’t have one.  As I’ve mentioned before that I’m moody, or as some people would term it, I’m sometimeish…one moment I’m all into something and the next minute I’m so not interested, this can be applied to all aspects of my life…..I’m rarely consistent with anything….except for 3 things sleep, eating and shopping…

Since sleeping and eating are first nature….I guess my habit is shopping…..yes I like shop….if you don’t know that, you don’t know Marsha…but then again which girl doesn’t like to shop…..I’m sure its as natural to us girls as men cheating……

I have been spoiled being an only child….and I guess is my mother bruck me bad….as child every time  had an event to attend, I wanted a new outfit, and to this very day…..I haven’t grown it out. You can’t get me out the house unless I have something new to wear….yes I’m a mess…if I do repeat an outfit, I would have ensure that only other person that saw me in that outfit was my mirror….I do repeat clothes, but not within the same crowd. Example I wore an outfit to last year Osmosis and it has been featured in the paper and in the Osmosis magazine…and I repeated it once… to Romz graduation dinner…you can not consider it dead…

So yes that’s my bad habit, acquiring a new item of clothing for every event I attend…sometimes not my entire outfit is new….but something is new….

Kinda wish I didn’t have it…not because I don’t like shopping… and I don’t like wearing new stuff….but I’m sure that what the stores calculate as profit, could actually be savings on may part….

I have somewhat cut down on my partying….and thus on my party shopping….I still visit the clothing stores ever so often, especially Fashion 911…they get new stock every 2 weeks and you’re guaranteed to find a treat everytime you visit….I have to thank DawnieJAE for this fashion introduction…

I have now made a concerted effort to start a US savings account with JMMB (thanx Juju) and I will making a monthly deposits to ensure my savings grow and not stores profit margins…

  1. uh oh…we’ve got a shopper here. you are trouble. lol.. j/k 🙂

  1. December 16th, 2010

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