Day 18: A letter to someone you miss.

My almost 30 years on earth, I think I have hard fair share of deaths….that I have somewhat become numb to it….of all the people I have lost…the one that I miss the most is my brother….the irony is that I don’t miss what we shared….I missed what we never had.

My Brother Andrew was shot and killed at age 32, on March 4th, 2000, I was 18 at the time of his death. Andrew lived with his Mother and Brother in Canada. My first encounter with him was when I was about 6 years old when he came to visit our Dad. There is not much that we could have shared then because of the age difference…but I as a grew older he I would hear from him ever so often..and every time a family member would visit he would be sure to send an age appropriate gift for me.

So why do I miss him….I miss the chance to have an elder brother and little sister relationship, I miss attending his wedding with his then girlfriend Natasha….I miss the opportunity of being an Aunt to his kids….I miss summer trips to Canada with Zaine that he could have gotten the chance to play with his cousins…..

My brother lost his life over something absolutely senseless…..death is so final…and robs the family and friends of  future possibilities….He was an aspiring designer… and I miss the opportunity to wearing his designs or even creating a line with him……at the time of his death he had created several pieces, which I now have the privilege of owning a few from his line….They may not fit me…or I may not wear them….but they are the last memory I have of him…. along with some pressed rose petals…that I took from a rose I threw on his grave…..

Andrew Anthony Robotham… Maybe you live forever in our hearts…..

  1. This was lovely babe. May he continue resting in peace. *hugs*

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