Day 15: What you would do if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant.

Hmmm interesting…..I can’t get someone pregnant…. I’m not a dude…..What would I do if I were to get pregnant…this already happened….. so let me rephrase the challenge to what did I do….

It was about 2 months after my 24th birthday… when I found out I was preggo with Zaine….I wanted a boy from the day I found out…I said to myself That I gave my Mom way too much trouble as a girl…and I named my Tummy Armani…with the hope of it being a boy…

Though I couldn’t eat the first 3 months, I feed on coconut water and mint tea….I embraced my pregnancy and researched the items I needed for my new born, I thought of names….and researched their means….it was reduced to Boy: Zane Benjamin and Girl: Zaria Amanda….

At 5 months I met into a car accident… and I did an ultra sound… was boy he said….so the name Zane Benjamin will be used….. Zane means gift from God, I decided to add the “I” in his name… as I believed the spelling Zayne looked feminine…. so the spelling Zaine….was given to my unborn fetus.

I traveled to the US at 6 months and got all the things that I would need for his arrival…at 7 months I did a photo shoot…something I recommend all expecting Mummies to do…

I also prayed for healthy baby….and a normal child…I was very specific in prayer..10 toes and 10 fingers…I remember even telling God that I could work with 11 toes….but that is the furthest I would expect in abnormalities….I was very happy in my pregnancy…as my mother told me…that the child usually takes on the mood of the mother….I guess that’s why Zaine is so happy now….

A child is blessing…and though I’m 29, and Zaine has been in my life for just 4 years out of the 29, it is hard to fathom my life without him….my life has been changed completely since July 31st, 2006….and I honestly don’t want it any other way…..

So what did I do I embraced it….now I’m embracing motherhood, one milestone at time

  1. This is a picture of you? 🙂

  2. There is something so beautiful and radiant about pregnancy. I know y’all go through way too much sometimes, but a pregnant woman, glowing with radiance, is just a beautiful thing to see.

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