Day 7: Your crush

LOL a CRUSH… like what the hell….do we still have crushes at this stage in our life…I would say no…until I met a certain gentleman..

Let me first use the urban dictionary’s a definition of a Crush:

One: A burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special.:

Two: painful experience, very common amoung middle schoolers (and high schooler’s and even adults to a lesser degree) that involves being obsessed with a member of the opposite sex (or the same sex, if u prefer), being attracted to them physically (most common), or emotionally- also called ‘puppy love’
also: the object of this affection

Well in my case…both definitions apply to me…Its a burning desire to be with someone….that you will never be with…thus resulting in the painful experience of having your heartbroken….

I met my crush through a mutual friend….she was always speaking about him…but I didn’t meet him until I made a pop-in visit by her house…I admit I was too shy to pay much attention to him then…after the introduction…we became tweeps ;)….Never judge a person by their tweets….so I sent on my bb pin….taking my time as I got to know him…I realized how much of a wonderful person he is…and eventually my feelings began to grow…He’s a capricorn…so I guess that’s that’s why we jelled so nicely…not to mention…he’s what one may define as my type…I’m a sucker for dark men…I sure am…and if you’re of slim or athletic built….u have just weakened my knees….he is all that and more…he stimulates me mentally….which  even if you don’t have  my “physically” requirements ….it draws you closer to the goodies 😉 . Apart from drawing my senses closer to his physical and intellectual attributes…. his personality also got another 5 stars….Each day as I spoke to him, some thing else I didn’t see before increased my intensity of my feelings for him…I want him so bad…

I wanted to feel the thrust of his body against mine…with his small muscular frame gripping my body, and tearing out my hair…while we kiss slowly….while I have only seen his well dressed attire….my eyes have seen right through his clothes….He’s to me one of the sexiest men….I have ever come face to face with….

I know you must be wondering….why the hell don’t you tell him…..but I have…and he’s very aware how I feel about him….but we have agreed to be just friends….though that was about 3 months ago….the urge and wanting that I discovered for him then….is still very much there today….

I’m sorry for the next guy that tries to date me….he has set the benchmark with such high standards…that I doubt I will never meet another that will fill his shoes….or even come close to it….

He’s perfect in my eyes…..

  1. Thanks for having a crush on me lol (joke)….damn this was a bit intense. But this is a real crush-I hate crushes when they stop at being friends #justsaying

    Love this.

  2. LOL! You are trouble!! 😀

    • Mia
    • December 28th, 2010

    MARSHA, MARSHA!I have truly enjoyed reading your blog thus far. This post was hilarious for more reasons that one…But mainly because ” i wanted to feel the thrust of his body against mine”!! Wow i appreciate your honesty and candidness. Keep it going ma’.

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